Termite Solutions Technology

As with any pest control service, Termite Tech begin work with an inspection. This inspection is performed by one of our trained and qualified professionals with years of experience, so that their assessment allows us to utilise the best pest control tactics moving forward for the specific situation at hand.

For effective termite solutions, Termite Tech not only use the best people, but the best products in order to locate, eradicate and anticipate any pest activity.

If you haven’t had your property checked for pests, rodents or termite, consider one of Termite Tech’s termite solutions. The risk of not checking you property properly means future damage and loss to structure and value.

Thermal Imaging

To perform the aforementioned inspections to the best of our ability, Termite Tech have invested in the best products and equipment the market has on offer. Inclusive in any inspection from a Termite Tech professional is the use of thermal imaging to locate pests in the hard to see and hidden places in your house.

Find out what’s behind your walls, in your ceilings and under your floor boards with thermal imaging and infra-red display. This technology allows our termite solutions team with the knowledge of:

  • what species of pest you have
  • where they are
  • how they got there
  • how to get them out
  • what tips/education to give to you – the property owner
  • how to keep them out

Termite Solutions aren’t just for now, but the future

Using technology like infrared and thermal imaging to detect pests and appropriate the right termite solutions isn’t just for the current health of your property, but the future.

The team at Termite Tech are invested in not just identifying and removing pests, but keeping them out of your property so that it retains it’s value and stays safe for use as long as it is in your ownership.

Organise termite solutions for your home today, and save time and money in the future.