What do termites look like?

To see is to know. Without getting too philosophical, Brisbane homes, that are often made of wood for comfort, breathability and beautiful aesthetic, are one of the favourite habitations for termites. Unfortunately, termites are not the ideal house guests, as they cause immense structural damage, often not noticed until it is too late and beyond repair.

Termites are also known as white ants. Though holding the form and shape of a regular ant, they are completely white and feed on wood. As with any other type of ant, they congregate in large groups and build identifiable structures in order to house their large and growing population.

If you don’t know how and where to find termites, and you are even having to ask the question, ‘what do termites look like?’, it is integral to the continued usability and saleability of your home to get a termite inspection.

Often, it’s too late

Termites are crafty in the way that they infiltrate a property. In most cases, a group of termites will enter underground, using leads, and burrowing their way through all of the wooden structure they possible can.

Because termite infestation isn’t obvious from the exterior of a property, the correct methodology, products and techniques are needed in order to properly identify where they are, how they got in there, how to prevent them getting in there again, and completely removing them from your property.

To do this well, you’ll need a termite expert. All of the Termite Tech staff have the highest level of accreditation and products at their disposal, and will do the job right the first time, giving no termite the opportunity to stay behind and restart their home-destroying community.

Don’t risk your home collapsing, or large pest removal bills later down the track because you didn’t get a termite inspection.

What we do at a Termite Inspection & Prevention

  1. Identify existing damage and termite locations, species etc.
  2. Let you know the extent of infestation and educate for moving forward
  3. Provide you with expert advice on how to lessen infestation
  4. Provide a quote for further termite services, necessary to the unique damage

To organise a termite inspection, call Termite Tech on 0402 315 373.