Wondering how to kill termites?

Once you are aware that your property has a termite infestation, the natural next step is to eradicate them. The danger of leaving termite eradication any longer than you can is the extensive and fast damage they do to the structure of your property. This can often lead to collapse, irreparable damage and significant depreciation on your property’s value.

The team at Termite Tech have all of the qualifications needed to perform termite eradication and know how to kill termites right the first time. We equip our team with the industry’s best products that leave your property mess, smell and termite free.

We do termite eradication right, the first time.

There is a huge range of termite eradication products on the market, and few that work to the degree that they need to in order to completely remove termites from one’s property. Not only that, but there is a detailed level of training and education that needs to guide the use of these products, so that the user can know how to kill termites correctly.

If termites are not fully removed the first time, they will re populate, regroup and re-damage your home. At Termite Tech, our termite eradication service comes with a termite inspection, enabling us to see where the termites are, how they got there, and how we can get rid of them in one hit.

We’ll also give you the information and education needed to steward your property away from future infestations, and will be back on an annual basis to ensure that the termite eradication work we’ve completed continues to be effective for up to 8 years.

Our termite eradication products are top of their line

We only use the best quality products for all of our services, and ensure that they were created ethically, and add no further defect to your home.

Our products are people, pet and environmentally friendly and we don’t leave a mess, a smell or a termite.

To organise termite eradication, call Termite Tech on 0402 315 373.