Professional Flea Treatment

Fleas and silverfish are of the most pesky pests to infest your home. Not only are they small and hard to trace, but they drastically damage the contents and enjoy ability of your home.Who wants to have fleas jumping all over them and biting them? You definitely wouldn’t want your kids or your guests having to go through that every time that they visit. Silverfish are just as bad, eating away at your clothes, bed materials and valuables. If you’ve got an infestation of fleas or silverfish, call the team at Termite Tech for an inspection.

Flea Treatment for every property

Every property is unique, and has unique entry points, and attractiveness to pets, including silverfish and fleas. For someone new or inexperienced in silverfish and flea treatment, starting the process to the extermination of fleas and silverfish can be daunting.

The first part of every service carried out by Termite Tech is an inspection. It is in this inspection that our team of qualified professionals visit your property and assess its unique needs for pest control and flea treatment.

Our team will identify exactly where the concentration of silverfish and fleas are, how they got there, and recommend further extermination services should they be required.

With any silverfish or flea treatment, Termite Tech will equip property owners with the appropriate education they need to keep fleas and silverfish away.

Our Flea Treatment is Guaranteed

We stand by our work. That’s why we’ll check up on our treatment and services annually, to ensure that your property is still enjoying the absence of fleas and silverfish since our team was last there for flea treatment.

All of our products and equipment used through the duration of the flea treatment are people, pet and environmentally safe, and leave your property mess, smell and flea-free.

Call the flea treatment experts today on 0402 315 373.