It’ll take a lot more than rat poison and traps

Rats are clever creatures. Much more clever than cockroaches, termites and ants who see food and eat it, unawares of the traps and pest control techniques you’ve laid out for them in defense of your property.

Rat poison, though effective at times, is unhygienic and dangerous to keep around the house, especially if you have kids and pets that may consume or inhale it. Getting rid of rats is a complex process, and the experts at Termite Tech are equipped to take it on.

State of the art equipment

Rats are drawn to food and safe housing. Often getting in through roofing or small gaps in your exterior, rats will live, breed and nest in small, hard to find and impossible to reach places that are cool, shady and near a source of food.

To eradicate rats, rat poison is just one option, or even one small part of a much larger strategy. The team at Termite Tech not only have the training and Australian standard qualification to deal with rat extermination, but have thermal display and infrared technology to locate where your rats are living, where they come and go from, and how to prevent them from coming back once exterminated.

We’ll keep them out longer than rat poison can

Central to the Termite Tech team’s philosophy is longevity in service. Once we have inspected a property and provided the necessary service and extermination, our team will educate and equip the homeowners to keep rats out of their property for the years to come.

Having years of experience in the industry, our team will make recommendations for techniques and products, helping you keep rats out of your house longer than rat poison can, keeping your property hygienic, safe and saleable.

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