Never buy a property without a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Termites, pests and rodents can and have frequently brought the value of properties down considerably, which is why it is of the highest importance to know what you are buying.

Even if a property looks good from the exterior, there may be termites, pests and rodents in those hard to see or hidden spots that are eating away (literally) at not only the property’s value, but safety. It is a known fact that 1 in 4 homes in Queensland are infected with white ants. These white ants eat away at the structures of a home and if left undetected and dealt with, have brought homes to the ground.

Before buying what is often the biggest purchase of one’s lifetime, be sure to hire an expert for a pre purchase inspection.

How we perform a pre-purchase inspection

At Termite Tech, each and every one of our qualified team members not only have the industry’s strongest and safest products at their disposal, but the experience and qualifications in order to use them efficiently. This means that when you get a pre-purchase inspection from Termite Tech, it gets done right the first time, giving you peace of mind when you purchase your new property.

Our team are all trained in wood and surface treatment for white ants, pests and rodents and are measured by Australian standards of practice. The pre-purchase inspection includes a thorough search and investigation of the property’s hidden cracks and defects that can lead to bigger problems.

State of the art equipment, for state of the art pre-purchase inspection

We use thermal technology and infrared readers to see where both the trained and untrained eye cannot. This is to identify not only where infestations are located, but also how they got there, and informs further treatment and prevention of them not getting there again once eradicated.

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve when purchasing a new property with a pre-purchase inspection from Termite Tech.