How do I know if my house is infected with ants & spiders?

You’ll know when your house is infected with ants and spiders. Ants particularly will be within large groups, and in areas where there is a feeding opportunity. If you’re new to pest control, and don’t know how to kill ants or how to keep them out, the team at Termite Tech have left a few helpful hints for you.

Ants, like most pests, are attracted to food. Having heightened senses, they will be attracted to exposed garbage, open food containers and even a small spill of a drink or juice. Ants will leave a scent on their trail, which is why you’ll generally see a line of them moving towards and congregating around whatever it is that has attracted them in the first place.

Spiders and other bugs generally look for a place to call home, and dusty, shaded corners in your property are prime real estate. Keep your family, pets and visitors safe and hygienic from all bug and pest control problems, and call the experts at Termite Tech today.

How to kill ants

Most people generally think that if they kill the ants they can find, more ants won’t come. To the contrary, ants will send off a signal when they die, attracting more ants to come and scope the situation. If there’s still food there, they’ll stay.

Part of the problem with ant infestations is the fact that ants are small and agile – meaning that they can travel in places that you can neither see nor access. If you want to know how to kill ants, simply remove the food source, any open garbage or food scraps that you can see and ensure that you keep you home clean.

Once you’ve removed what you can find, be sure to condition the entry points of your house with ant repellent.

Termite Tech know how to kill ants, as well as keep them out for good

Unfortunately, while the above is helpful for a time, ants often return and if you don’t hire the trained and qualified professionals who can not only deal with the current situation but can keep ants and spiders out of your house for good.

Using the most advanced and ethical products and technologies on the market, the team at Termite Tech will keep your house safe, mess free, smell free and ant free for longer.

If you’ve got an ant infestation or are in need of pest control services, call the team at Termite Tech on 0402 315 373 today.