The Experts in Termite Inspection

The team at Termite Tech have been involved in pest, rodent and termite inspections, eradication and monitoring for over 10 years. Whether it’s rodent, pest or termite, inspections are a must for any property owner, as the consequences of leaving it too long are frequently expensive and damaging.

The team at Termite Tech only use the most ethically sourced and environmentally friendly termite inspection equipment and products available on the market. We do this because we place not only your property’s health as a top priority, but also the surrounding environment in which we all live in.

For an obligation free quote, call 0402 315 373.

Our Process

We keep it as simple as possible. When you’re in need of termite inspection, eradication or have rodents and pests in your property, you have enough on your mind and you need professionals who can act fast and efficiently.

For all of our products and services that we have available, our process remains the same – simple and efficient.

1. Site Inspection – every property has it’s own needs and requirements. We visit your property and inspect exactly where and how pests are behaving.

2. Email quote – based on the inspection performed, our team will recommend what will need to happen next, to completely rid your property of it’s unwanted guests.

3. We do the job – the Termite Tech team will then perform the job in a way that is as least intrusive and as extensive as possible. We get it right the first time, and all of our services come with a warranty and quality guarantee.

4. Warranty and Annual Inspection – up to 8 years free warranty service with a chemical barrier treatment.

Termite Inspection that’s eco-friendly

All of our services and products are family, pet and environmentally friendly. Having unwanted pests in your property is inconvenient enough, and we don’t undergo our business in a way that would add to that by detracting from your health or quality of life in that property.

No mess, no smell, no pests, rodents or termites. Call today.